Thursday, September 2, 2010

Night Swimming - REM

                                             delilah and biscuit, 2010

Since our last meeting here, I have been to the desert of Palm Springs, CA, turned 40, played soccer for the first time in about 15 years (we got our asses handed to us at a 6-1 loss, and I've never had so much fun losing anything in my life), and acquired a new family member. As a result, I am both tan and peeling, embarking on a new and incredibly exciting decade, barely able to move, and just the littlest bit amazed with my new pal, Biscuit Seinberg, respectively.

Please stay tuned for tonight's revelations about these events. In the mean time, here is a nice photo of Biscuit with his housemate Delilah, who once appeared on someone's birthday cake in a rented house in Palm Springs, holding court on the sheet cake as the temperatures outsde hovered at about 102 after sunset. Also note, Biscuit's filter was busted and leaked everywhere so it must be replaced this afternoon. Cloudy water from the sand dust. I look forward to vacuuming for the little guy. 

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